Saturday, March 5, 2011

Going to the Chapel

About a month ago I was commissioned to create a customized save the date by a bride-to-be who was looking for something unique. The illo. was a blast to develop because I recreated the location of their wedding and then placed the bride and groom in the scene. We went through a few sketches and changes before finally settling on the cut paper image below. I've included a few process pieces to give you a better idea of how I develop a cut paper illustration.

First Sketch...this was a little too informal so we began
to work more with photos of the wedding location.

Wedding Location

Second Sketch

Third Sketch
Final sketch. After working through a few options we combined elements from each sketch to come up with this image.

Once the final sketch is approved I create patterns of my
basic shapes and develop a color palette to work from.

After all of the details and the papers are glued down I use cardboard to raise figures and objects in the foreground. The type in the image is hand lettered and the type at the top and bottom was applied digitally after scanning the finished illo.

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