Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Illustrated Map for Bryn Mawr College

I'm excited to share the map I recently illustrated for Bryn Mawr College. I was commissioned by Kismet Communication a public relations consultancy, to create a map of Philadelphia and the field placements for their Graduate School of Social Work.  It was a great project to work on and Kismet Comm. produced a beautiful finished product.  I've shared a few of my rough sketches from the initial stages as well as the final layout below.

     Sketch 1

     Sketch 2

       Sketch 2

       Final Illustration, hand-lettered type. Digital Collage, Photoshop.

   AND finally, the final spread with text added by Kismet Comm.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hi Everyone, Between my brother's campaign and work I'm moving a little slow, but as promised I'm announcing the winner of my first annual giveaway today, and the winner is...AMANDA BRODIE.  Congrats Amanda! Please email me at to contact me with a mailing address to ship you new art!

Thanks to EVERYONE for entering!  I'm working on hosting a second giveaway before Christmas so check back in soon!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Illustrating for the Girl Scouts

Just wanted to share a small side project I recently had the opportunity to work on with the Girl Scout councils in New Jersey, New York, and Virginia.  I created a badge design for the the Ship to Shore Science project for girl scout councils in New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. This project is grant funded by the National Science Foundation and directed by the Deep Earth Academy. The badges turned out really great and I'm excited to see them put to use!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Enter the First Annual Fall Giveaway at AFI!

Hi Everyone! I'm excited to announce the first ever fall giveaway of one of my 24"X12" stretched canvas pieces (wall art for kids), Out to Sea. This piece is one in a series of 5 silhouetted children's illustrations I created with Oopsy Daisy, fine art for kids. Visit their site to find this and more stretched canvas illustrations I've created along with my newest piece, a set of peel and place fabric wall art.

Entering is simple! All you have to do is post a comment on this blog post and you will be automatically entered to win.  Comments can be posted until November 5, 2012 at which time a winner will be drawn at random.  Please included your full name and check back after the 5th, I will announce the winner on the blog. 

Please share this post with friends and family...the more entries there are the better the chance I'll host a second giveaway very soon!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just For Fun

Working on style and colors schemes for a new book and this is one of the scenes that emerged. Thought I would share, just for fun. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Process Work - Personal Piece

I recently finished this personal piece and thought I would share some samples 
from my collage process:
            I start with a simple hand drawn sketch that I scan it into Photoshop.

          On top of the sketch I build each character with layers of flat color and begin to
            lay in my larger background shadows.
         After I've created all of the large shapes, I place papers/textures within the    
         shapes by using clipping masks. All facial details are added and to complete
         the illustration I lay in shadows to give the figures a raised effect.  

Childcraft Annual - World Book Encyclopedia

World Book Encyclopedia recently published my first illustrated chapter book, Letters to Words. To accompany this story about the formation of the English language I illustrated the cover and 6 chapter headers. Each illustration is created digitally in paper collage.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home again, home again

Whew...It's been a busy couple of weeks on the road! I've covered approx. 12,166 miles, got 3 new stamps in my passport, sailed on a research ship, got a little sea sick, received letters from kids I visited at NC schools during my book release, attended my first ICON7 illustration conference, met a ton of awesome illustrators, caught up with old friends, came home to sample copies of my first chapter book, and got a new project through dribble (thanks by the way to whoever posted my work....woohoo for free advertising)!

I'm exhausted, excited, inspired, and really happy to be back in the studio working on some new stuff.  Here are some photos from my recent travels and some fun letters from kiddos back on the east coast.  

The Joides Resolution - my home for 10 days.

Curacao - best snorkeling ever...what, it was for research for the new book. 

docking in Bermuda...can you find me (hint: I'm in a light green shirt)

SEE! We did work...

Found these in the mail when I came home:
So I thought this letter was pretty great...

and I think these guys are my favorite.

I'm going to hire this kid to draw any dog faces in my books from now on.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Life on the JR

Ahoy! We made it to Curacao and have spent some busy days learning about life on the ship, the geology of the island, and getting to know our Ship to Shore group. Since our only i-net access on the ship comes via satellite, posting photos is a little difficult but the JR has a blog where you can learn more in detail about the trip and see photos:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New e-book project in the works at AFI!

It's been a busy winter and spring, that's probably clear from my lack of posts, so I thought it was about time to share a little update on recent and current projects. My first picture book, The Summer of the Rabbits was released in March 2012! I was on the road visiting schools and doing illustration demos back in North Carolina during the release.     

Late summer 2012 watch out for my first chapter book, Letters to Words, published by World Book Encyclopedia...I'll share some photos when it's released.

Recently, I was asked by Kevin Kurtz, a children's book author and educator, to illustrate an interactive e-book.  The book will be grant funded by the National Science Foundation and in preparation for this project we will spend 10 days working on the JOIDES Resolution,, a scientific research vessel(photo below)!  The ship will travel from Curacao to Bermuda at the end of May. This will be a two year project and I am so excited to be a part of this program! I hope to share my experience from the ship as we travel so check back in over the next few weeks as I begin this journey.