Friday, May 25, 2012

Life on the JR

Ahoy! We made it to Curacao and have spent some busy days learning about life on the ship, the geology of the island, and getting to know our Ship to Shore group. Since our only i-net access on the ship comes via satellite, posting photos is a little difficult but the JR has a blog where you can learn more in detail about the trip and see photos:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New e-book project in the works at AFI!

It's been a busy winter and spring, that's probably clear from my lack of posts, so I thought it was about time to share a little update on recent and current projects. My first picture book, The Summer of the Rabbits was released in March 2012! I was on the road visiting schools and doing illustration demos back in North Carolina during the release.     

Late summer 2012 watch out for my first chapter book, Letters to Words, published by World Book Encyclopedia...I'll share some photos when it's released.

Recently, I was asked by Kevin Kurtz, a children's book author and educator, to illustrate an interactive e-book.  The book will be grant funded by the National Science Foundation and in preparation for this project we will spend 10 days working on the JOIDES Resolution,, a scientific research vessel(photo below)!  The ship will travel from Curacao to Bermuda at the end of May. This will be a two year project and I am so excited to be a part of this program! I hope to share my experience from the ship as we travel so check back in over the next few weeks as I begin this journey.